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Evaluation 2020: How Will You Shine Your Light - October 26-31

The American Evaluation Association (AEA) will convene its annual conference in Portland in 2020.

Through this year’s theme, "How Will You Shine Your Light", AEA is asking proposal submitters to think about her/his/their expression of light through their evaluation practice. 

Ask yourself, “How am I shining my light?” in my work. Is it through making sure all stakeholder voices are included, particularly those who are often in the dark? Is it through shining light on the historical imperative associated with certain evaluation methods/practices? Is it through illuminating new levels of rigor that can be associated with many evaluation methods/practices? Is it by shining the light on the pathway to evaluation for new professionals? Is it by creating new evaluation theories, methods, or practices? Pose your own questions around how you are shining your light in evaluation practice.New this year, your proposal should connect to the AEA guiding principles. The Guiding Principles reflect the core values of AEA and are intended as a guide to the professional ethical conduct of evaluators. Keep these principles in mind when developing your proposals. When submitting your proposal, you will be asked to choose principles that are related to your topic or proposal. 

DEADLINE: Proposal Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM ET March 30, 2020.


Active planning for BAE events is on-hold pending developments with the ongoing COVID-19 emergency.


If you have any questions or suggestions for events you'd like to see, please email us at baltimoreareaevaluators@gmail.com.


Washington Evaluators, our busy friends just to the south, offer many events throughout the year!


Keep an eye on their Events page to find a variety of opportunities for WE members and the public.  


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