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Evalution 2019: Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, Renewal - November 11-16


The American Evaluation Association (AEA) will convene its annual conference in Minneapolis in 2019.

This is an invitation for conversations among all AEA members—evaluators, evaluation users, instructors and students of evaluation, evaluation scholars and thought leaders—on the evaluation profession’s path forward. Building the future of the evaluation practice begins with an assessment and appreciation of the past and present contribution of evaluation to society and a consideration of the current societal issues and where we need to bring leadership. We then look ahead to see how we can evolve for the renewal of our profession, carving a path to the future of evaluation. These three elements exemplify an appreciative framework and follow the Appreciative Inquiry model – by identifying times where we have been at our best, we are able to learn about our strengths, gain confidence, and build momentum to imagine and create the best paths to the future..

Proposals are closed.


CNCS 2019 Research Summit:  Call for Papers and Presentations -- Due July 22, 2019


The Corporation for Nation and Community Service (CNCS) Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) is excited to announce our 2019 Research Summit!

Date: September 16-17, 2019

Location: Crystal City Double Tree, 300 Army Navy Dr, Arlington, VA 22202

This year's theme is Bridging Divides, Building Communities. Scholars, practitioners, and citizens working to improve the quality of life in communities may share a common goal but often diverge in their strategies. In part, this is due to different sets of expertise, perspective, and experience. These differences can create counterproductive silos of effort. Transcending the boundaries of our own communities is necessary if we are to create solutions to our most pressing problems. Please join us in a conversation about improving lives, strengthening communities, and fostering civic engagement through national service and volunteering. We have much to learn from each other.  

More information HERE.

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Washington Evaluators, our busy friends just to the south, offer many events throughout the year!


Keep an eye on their Events page to find a variety of opportunities for WE members and the public.  


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